Epicness in Plain Sight

Explore Your Story

Feeling lost in the complexity of expectations and roles? 

Ever sense that you're playing a part in a story that isn't truly yours? 

Body breaking down in meaningful ways?

Other synchronicities?

One challenge is, how do you navigate the noise and tune into your own true north, authentic heart, and epic narrative, while also dealing with the practical things you can't just let stop? 

When you are not operating fully as yourself in the present, you constantly wonder, "am I on the right path?" 

Things could look good on the outside, but feel terrible inside.

So you look for advice and wisdom, but it doesn't seem to match what you're actually going through. 

This is where you need a map. Not someone's map for you, but a map drawn from what you're truly dealing with.

The reason that other people's systems help until they don't is that their solution doesn't match your actual problem, the way "meditate and believe in yourself" isn't the best advice for "I'm hungry and thirsty." It's just with our big life changes, the mismatch isn't so obvious.

Also, no outside system can reflect you fully without boxing you into new words and other people's ideas what have no spark for you. 

It's time to match things up.

It's time to find your fit.

Partnering with me is for those called to stop being anything but authentic in body and spirit, with yourself and others, in order to take your next steps on track with what truly matters to you.

 Authenticity Integration Experiences

Week of AWE 

1:1 or Group Experience

One Week 'Retreat' with 3 meetings integrated into your Life

for rapid Clarity, Integration & Direction

Remote / Zoom


Your EPIC Journey

1:1 or Group Experience

3, 6, or 9 months depending on your situation

for profound Change, Development & Flow

Starts with AWE

9 months: 11,000

6 months: 9,200

3 months: 6,200

Prices may be scaled down or up per your situation, organization, intention, event or special needs.
If you strongly resonate, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Speaking to your Group

Speaking & Facilitation

Events Live or Online

Podcasts doing things differently

Summits gathering for tomorrow

Retreats embodying good, truth and beauty

Custom Designed Experiences

Embodied Signature Systems

Developmentally Informed Trainings

Open Space + Embodiment for Innovation

Story Structure Synthesis for Sacred Leadership

Make Your Move

You've been having a challenging journey, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I'm here to help you navigate your path of recovery, renewal and realizing your vision, which starts with you and how you will authentically integrate what has been and what you get to become.

If you're ready, your next step here is to schedule an exploration to discuss what's going on for you and how your next steps could be tuned to your unique needs and aspirations. 

Schedule here, and thanks for being epic