Epicness is Hiding in Plain Sight

Let the New Story Start Now

Feeling lost in the complexity of expectations and roles? 

Ever sense that you're playing a part in a story that isn't truly yours? 

I've been there. 

The challenge is, how do you navigate the noise and tune into your own true north, authentic heart, and epic narrative? 

When you are not operating fully as yourself in the present, you constantly wonder, "am I on the right path?" 

So you look for advice and wisdom, but what you get back feels disconnected from your truth when it comes from outside you, in someone else's words. That's true for friends, colleagues, mentors, and even the best assessments.

The reason that other people's systems help until they don't, and don't help if you're missing this one thing, is that no outside system can reflect you fully without boxing you into words and ideas that no longer give you that spark. 

Life offers countless moments to sync with your true essence. 

Your most profound role? To say "yes" to life.

Then, with embodying your unique epicness as a new beginning, all doors open. 

No one can script your story or dictate your destiny. That's a journey you embark on alone, without permission or advice or help from anyone else. When you do, all will come. 

The Being Epic Approach is for visionaries who are called to let go of what is no longer working and align with the creative forces at the heart of their vision.

 Accelerated Experiences

Epicness Discovery: Align Beyond Ordinary

1:1 or Group Experience

1 Day + Plan + Support

for Clarity, Courage and Confidence

In Person or Remote


You will:

Create your Epic Map & Learn to Generate Daily Breakthroughs

Integrate Strengths & Gifts & How to Partner with your Process

Enact a Practical Framework that transforms your Fear into Fuel  

Epicness Journey: Grow Beyond Limits

1:1 or Group Experience

10-90 Day Finely-Tuned Container

for Evolution, Emergence & Effectiveness

In Person or Remote

starts at 15k

You will:

Create Grounded Mastery Across Seemingly Conflicting Goals

Eliminate Blocks & Receive More Wisdom for your Vision 

Radically Align with Your Authentic and Purposeful Contribution

Speaking to your Group

Speaking & Facilitation for you to Stand Out

Events Live or Online

Podcasts that are causing ripples of impact

Summits that are more than the ordinary

Retreats that aim to advance good, truth and beauty for all

Absolutely Unique Experiences

Embodied Signature Systems, make the Invisible Tangible

Team Alignment & Trainings, that go Deep

Catalyze Strategic Initiatives and Innovation, Differently

Develop a Great Story Framework to See What You're Doing

Make Your Move

You're up to something big, complex, integral, developmental, and perhaps even visionary.

Maybe you're cosmically inspired, karmically aware, trauma informed and empathically resilient.

Let's make something epic happen.

Schedule here, and thanks for being epic