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About You, Visionary

As a unique and visionary leader, you've touched the edges of great success and great grief, valuable contribution and unconscious mistakes. You are called to grow and lead and make a specific difference to many, yet sometimes find yourself navigating the the conflicting tensions between external expectations and your authentic self.

These tensions are preparing you for a momentous leap. 

You sense an untapped potential within your team, a deeper connection waiting to be forged, and a collective purpose that's yet to be fully realized.

These potentials and purpose are preparing you to land confidently.

You're not just looking for another strategy or tool; you seek a transformative journey. In order to realize your vision with the right tools and systems - and your right gifts and strengths - your journey matters. 

Yours is a journey that aligns your team's strengths, fosters genuine understanding, and channels the unique gifts of each member towards a shared vision. And now...

You're ready for an epic shift, and in this quest, authenticity, clarity, and purpose are your guiding stars.

"When you can live your own story, you can receive your body better.
When you receive from your body, you live a real story."

About Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia helps you move forward with what matters most.

With a background in engineering from Cornell University and a collaborative history with institutions like NASA & JPL, Alex Iglecia brings a unique blend of analytical rigor and holistic understanding to leadership development.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences, including advanced martial arts training, intensive yogasana practice, and a Masters in Conscious Evolution, Alex has honed a method that seamlessly integrates the analytical with the intuitive. His innovative work, combining UZAZU Embodied Intelligence with universal archetypal patterns, offers leaders a structured yet flexible approach to self-discovery and purpose.

Alex's personal journey, marked by resilience in the face of adversity and a commitment to continuous learning, further enriches his offerings. This journey led to the development of the 'Epicness Approach' and the 'Being Epic Brand'—frameworks designed to empower leaders to harness their innate gifts, craft compelling narratives, and deliver unparalleled value to their spheres of influence.

For leaders committed to authenticity, meaningful impact, and a deep understanding of both self and system, Alex Iglecia provides the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of today's leadership landscape.