About You, About Me

About You

A number of circumstances have come together recently and it is clear that how you've been doing things is now how you want things to continue being.

Your body has let you know you're off track in some way, despite what you know.

Your relationships have let you know that there's a shift that needs to happen for you to be fully honest, healthy and happy.

Your work, as successful as it has been, has left you feeling like something is missing. 

And yet... deep down you know that nothing is wrong and you are not broken.

But you have achieved some significant peaks in your life and there's time for more adventure, more clarity, more space, a slower pace, a better game, and it all requires just one thing.


Now is a time for authenticity that allows you to re-organize, re-prioritize, and real-ize dreams that matter and a sense of flow and purpose that moves you.

This means one thing.

You get to stop being who you're not, stop doing what isn't true for you, and support your process of your spirit alive awakening, integration and evolution.

You're already epic.

Your story is your strength and your wound will be your way as you take the steps that only you can take.

It's time to remember.

It's time to release.

It's time to renew how you be you and do all that you do.

Life is not waiting.

"When you can live your own story, you can receive your body better.
When you receive from your body, you live a real story."

About Alex Iglecia, MA

My way is in exploring what will help you do what's right for you, move forward, or retreat and reset in the way that you most need right now.

I've done a lot of things, a lot by luck, some by accident, most by flow (after resistance!)

Hand to hand combat instruction when I was 16, graphic design for at a startup when I was 17; crossed to US to study materials science engineering at Cornell University at 18. 

Boy was that a gift! And a mistake! I had no idea who I was and was completely out of touch with why I did anything. I thought I wanted to design snowboards and spaceships. I was better at ideas, though, than doing.

But I was fortunate and work for NASA & JPL, a defense company, another startup before moving to Boston with a Cornell tech company and moved into marketing. Then I started teaching self defense in Boston and helped rebrand my world-famous teacher. 

With my then-girlfriend, later-wife, we went for a Masters in Conscious Evolution. For me, I reasoned - if there's a body mind connection AND well-mapped structures of consciousness for society and individuals, then how do they go together? And why are some yogis assholes? I turned 30... 

As I started to wake up to how wise I wasn't, I realized I was not living my own story. By request, I entered the high-end fitness world and soon began combining the hero journey myth structures with movement and mobility practices and conscious evolution ideas. 

But even as I learned, practiced and taught, I continued to break down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Being Epic and The Epic Map came about when years of purpose work failed me, and I seemed to fail that personal growth work. I felt like I was a failure in purpose and marriage and body. I needed a completely different point of view. I needed to find my authenticity.

There's much more story to tell. It involves moving to Hawaii, leaving Hawaii, returning to Hawaii yearly, helping my father pass of dementia in Florida, and 4.5 years of nomadic petsitting across the US while coaching and, step by step, dealing with my inauthenticities.

It's clear now what my own life's mysterious throughline is. Through years of helping others face and heal their inauthenticities, the Being Epic Map combined with your genius and a host of integration tools is a most potent start to helping people see what's going on underneath the surface that's causing all the great stuff, and a lot of the shit.

Change that, and the foundation of our thoughts, feelings and actions becomes a platform for more possibility, change, and growth. 

It's not for everyone. It's pretty potent. 

I'm not for everyone, but some people appreciate my different points of view.

Generally, when uniquely sweet and smart people are in a particular perfect storm of body breakdowns, creative callings and spiritual need to get their act on track, we find each other.

It's great to meet you.