What you up?

...from endless limiting beliefs?

...from old ways of being?

...from other people's stories you don't care to keep living? 

Something has woken up in you. 

Not for the first time. You've how you need to move forward with authenticity, integrity and creativity and you've seen that you're alive to play an infinite game.

What will help your dream?

The secret is that you are already epic.

But if you're living in fantasy, you destiny can't become real, realized, or an actually reality you experience.

Don't just believe me, but I have spent most of my life partly present, partly dissociated, partly needing to escape, and wholly needing to find home.

And I've got plenty of stories to tell about it, just like you.

So it's beyond time to trust your direct experience without needing to escape it, isn't it?

It's time to be you without overcomplicating it and giving your power up again to another person's system, structure, story or idea for you, right?

Home boils down to how you can be - or not - be in your body.

Emotions and mess and shame and pride and joy and the full spectrum.

How do you feel when you look in a mirror? 

Your body, yes, but deeper than that. 

Are you proud of who you are? I am sure you are, in many ways! And yet, what guilt and shame and withdraw and protection keeps you from what you want? 

I'm committed to moving in the world without being afraid of the muck, without stopping for no good reason, without abandoning myself as a way of being. I invite you to do that too, and more. 

No one asks to feel like an imposter, and no one wants to make deep tradeoffs, but we find ourselves knowing we are faking it when, in fact, we are avoiding what is real. And wow, are there products and services and all sorts of well-meaning organizations (and not so well-meaning ones) out there thriving off keeping us away from living real lives.

Not that I know what that should be for you. I don't.

But know this - if each day, we proactively face and feel some fear at the same time as letting go and living more of something you love, then before you know it, we receive exactly what is needed, when it's required, for good reasons. 

Your path will blaze.

Your spark can never die. 

Your real self just can't quit, but it can be buried alive! 

So if your body, your marriage or your work has stopped working like it should, and you are deeply searching for clarity, meaning and energy for your courageous contribution. Welcome home!

Let your genius play...

Make your mark your way...

Share your soul TODAY...

So my new friend, my questions to your heart in all of this are:

What's yours alone to do?

What stories are your greatest strength?

Where will you go with the time you have left?

What if the joy of your wound moved you into the world?

It's the only thing that can, and you're the healer who moves you forward. 

Start here

"When you can live your own story, you can receive your body better.
When you receive from your body, you live a real story."

About Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia helps you move forward with what matters most. 

When something deep is calling you to name the game you're born to play, Alex walks you through clarifying frameworks and profound experiences that open up the energy, confidence and personal shifts you need to trust your gifts, strengthen your story and share your medicine. 

A former ninja-yogi, a husband, author and avid movement man, Alex has served visionary speakers, modality pioneers, serial entrepreneurs and many wickedly smart, beautiful and bold leaders create their next part of their Epic Journey.  

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