Your Epic Journey
Starts Now

"Simplicity. I am living it now."

"The map was awesome!"

"Called to step up as more of spiritual leader."

"How deep we went into the value I BE!"

"Tremendous capacity to help you open."

"Have fun, be creative, and get back in my body."

What's keeping you awake? 

"Fuck this" my clients say when they realize what needs to stop.

What's keeping you awake will continue to be fear, guilt and worse until you face it, see what is really going on, and make the space for change.

That's the wake up call from the universe, your body and everything we call the Divine. 

What's waking you up?

...breakdowns, spiritual bypass, bodyslammed by debt, a reawakened dream whose time has come?

...embodied intelligence, energy work & healing, meditation, psychedelic integration, personal transformation, deep narrative structures, conscious evolution?

Everything that can move you forward comes out of your personal story and your embodied experience. It's yours to do what only you can do.

Start here

Start from doubt to kill your desire. Start from fear to kill your love. Love your desire to start your dream.

About Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia helps you move forward with what matters most. 

A former ninja-yogi, a husband, author and avid movement man, Alex has served visionary speakers, modality pioneers, serial entrepreneurs and many wickedly smart, beautiful and bold leaders create their next part of their Epic Journey.  

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