Become Greater than the Sum of all Parts

"Simplicity. I am living it now."

"The map was awesome!"

"Called to step up as more of spiritual leader."

"How deep we went into the value I BE!"

"Tremendous capacity to help you open."

"Have fun, be creative, and get back in my body."

What better world are you, your team and partners creating? 

You stepped into the role you're in now for all the right reasons. Now, you're being asked for more. While tools and systems will help get where you're going, the missing link that slows down the most valuable visionary movers and shakers is in how quickly and thoroughly you and your team can embody the heart of what matters.

Do any of these resonate?

We have untapped potential, but not sure how to access it

We want greater understanding, but have so much to do

We'd be better off with more cohesion and unity

We're all leaders but feel limited in scope or depth

We want more to grow together but some clarity is missing

Deep reflection and transformation sounds great, but we have work to do

Start from doubt to kill your desire. Start from fear to kill your love. Love your desire to start your dream.

Transform Complexity into Empowered Simplicity & Flow with the Being Epic Approach 

The purpose of the Being Epic Approach for Visionaries is to guide individuals and teams through a journey of self-discovery, clarity, holistic integration, and sustained commitment, ensuring they consistently operate from a place of authenticity, empowerment, and alignment with their true selves.

Being Epic is a Meta-Method that helps you make better use of individual strengths and stories and talents as well as systems and structures and best-of-class tools. This includes:

Teams and leaders who experience the Being Epic Approach will:

Profound Clarity, Quickly

Deep Change, Gently

About Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia helps you move forward with what matters most. 

A former ninja-yogi, a husband, author and avid movement man, Alex has served visionary speakers, modality pioneers, serial entrepreneurs and many wickedly smart, beautiful and bold leaders create their next part of their Epic Journey.  

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