Two Questions...

"Simplicity. I am living it now."

"The map was awesome!"

"Called to step up as more of spiritual leader."

"How deep we went into the value I BE!"

"Tremendous capacity to help you open."

"Have fun, be creative, and get back in my body."

If today was your last day alive, what's was the greatest moment of your life? 

If today was the first day of your future, what's your greatest fear? 

These two questions frame the whole of your life's value, contribution, growth, relationships, impact, and legacy.

Explore them on your own and your unique way will continually be revealed.

Dig into them together, and we can support the process of your career transition, personal growth and transformation, conscious evolution or grounded authenticity. 

Start from doubt to kill your desire. Start from fear to kill your love. Love your fear to start your dream.

You're already epic. When you know it, you'll understand the bigger game you're here to play.

Alex Iglecia helps you use of your strengths, stories, tools and talents within the systems and structures you're in - or the change you want.

Gentle giants who experience the Being Epic Approach:

"I recently had a session with Alex Iglecia, during which I aimed to better understand and examine my life circumstances, personal and business issues. I have always been open to various emotional, spiritual, and practical methods of self-improvement, but Alex brought a fresh perspective that connected unexpected dots, altering my priorities significantly.

Initially, I believed I had an objective vision regarding several important transitions I was managing. However, my session with Alex revealed that what I had dismissed as insignificant or unworthy of concern was, in fact, a significant blind spot. I discovered that I had been inadvertently ignoring crucial messages that were trying to get my attention.

Revisiting the material that emerged during our session has been as enlightening as the insights received in real-time. Alex has genuinely mastered his craft, integrating various modalities and skills to address the issues I presented effectively. I was extremely impressed and look forward to following up with him after I have had time to digest and integrate the work we identified together. Thank you, Alex!"

Profound Clarity, Quickly

Deep Change, Gently

About Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia helps you move forward with what matters most. 

A former ninja-yogi, a husband, author and avid movement man, Alex has served visionary speakers, modality pioneers, serial entrepreneurs and many wickedly smart, beautiful and bold leaders create their next part of their Epic Journey.  

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Get more clarity:

You've been having a challenging journey, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I'm here to help you navigate your path of recovery, renewal and realizing your vision, which starts with you and how you will authentically integrate what has been and what you get to become.

If you're ready, your next step here is to schedule an exploration to discuss what's going on for you and how your next steps could be tuned to your unique needs and aspirations. 

Schedule here, and thanks for being epic