Work with Alex Iglecia, MA

What Makes You EPIC?

Do you work or play?

If you’re not truly broken, hiding, or playing small, what’s going on?
What if what was next had everything to do with uncovering the ways you trap yourself?
Could you ifinally trust your big visions, callings, your path and global contribution?

Leadership & TEAMS

What’s emerging for you and your leaders?

Let’s create the energy, space and consciousness for aligned action to be joyful. Create an Evolution Playground or Greater World Gathering that delivers resources and connection to vision and purpose.

  • Reveal and embody their greatest value
  • Create trust & connection for impact
  • Apply newfound clarity and confidence to sales and marketing
  • Get team members and executives on the same page
  • Align vision, strategy and innovation practices


Bridge Inspiration and action for your audience:

Is your group trying to change the world? Does that include making themselves greater? Let’s make it experiential, embodied, and evolutionary.


  • Master your impact on stage
  • Free yourself to be free to be yourself
  • Clarify the essence of the impact you’re here to make
  • Move beyond the need to feel anxious or nervous
  • Inspire your clients and potential clients with more ease
  • Have more trust with stories, words, and yourself
  • Access your empowering vulnerability and truth


How you MOVE is WHO you are! 

Take advantage of Alex’s years of instruction in hand-to-hand combat, yoga, yoga teacher training, anatomy and more!

  • Self Care, Yin, Stress-relief
  • Hatha Yoga + Conscious Evolution
  • Yoga Tune Up & Mobility
  • UZAZU Mind Body Method
  • Meditation
  • Access Consciousness – Infused Movement & Embodiment
  • Three Little Pigs Go To Yoga Readings & Playshops


Partner to make your retreat EPIC! 

Come explore powerful places around the world where you get to dive deep and return the you you have felt calling you forward. What’s possible for you next?

  • Share embodiment practices that accelerate your group’s growth
  • Align retreat design with your life’s  work
  • Weave each person’s purpose together in energizing ways
  • Enhance speaking & creative confidence
  • Discover and free more of your participants unique voice
  • Tune up self-care strategies based on participant’s values & stage of conscious evolution


Align your Global Contribution

Where are you at with your personal evolution? One of the greatest results my clients get is knowing the truth that they’re not wrong, broken, or need saving.


  • Feel stronger in your body
  • Impove confidence as a speaker or leader
  • Optimize your self care
  • Make your communication more effective
  • Stay unstuck
  • Clear sabotage & limiting beliefs
  • Personalize your personal growth
  • Reveal your Global Contribution
  • Conscious Evolution
  • Conscious Exercise
  • Conscious Embodiment

Thanks for Being EPIC

What can we create together?

Get Unstuck and Move Forward