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What Energizes You?

My mission is to help creators and leaders move forward with confidence,
by embodying their global contribution and life’s work,
so their gifts create the world we all want to live and thrive in.

Alex Iglecia, MA

Creative Facilitator, CEO, Aliveness Alchemist

Former NASA Engineer and born-again Ninja turned Mind-Body Enthusiast with a Masters in Conscious Evolution & two black belts, Alex Iglecia is an authority in developing personal authenticity and a creative facilitator for communities of creators, artists, movers, shakers and visionary men and women with a message and a mission.

Despite unique achievements and years of deep personal growth, global experiences and expensive coaching, Alex struggled to find his way. It was so painful that he often wanted to quit on himself, on his marriage, his calling, and sometimes – quit being here on the planet.

When he finally discovered a way to make sense of his life and see his life as a message, he was able to stop living other people’s lives and choose his own. Alex felt driven to share these discoveries and create activating experiences for leaders dedicated to their natural energy, purpose, inspiration and contribution.

  • Facilitating Change 77%
  • Coaching 50%
  • Contributing to Your Epicness 100%

Aloha: I See You

Former Designer, Engineer, Teacher & Trainer

Alex is honored to have shared the stage with and learned from unique and successful global gamechangers. These amazing individuals include Marcia Wieder, Tim Kelley and Brendon Buchard, Peter Diamandis, Sally Hogshead, Jesse Koren, Christina Morassi, Sage Levine, Scott Mills, Robert Bussey, Jill Miller.

Alex began teaching pragmatic self defense to adults when he was 15, and has been passionate about helping people trust who they are and feel empowered ever since. These themes of freedom and communion with self and other have been the driving force in many of his past projects and adventures in engineering, yoga, yoga teacher training, marketing, coaching and his latest creations.

  • Being a Mind-Body-Spirit Trainer & Nerd 85%
  • Graphic Design & Marketing 43%
  • Engineering & Materials Science 30%

Imua: Let’s Move Forward

What will contribute to a greater world?

Alex has developed a unique process that helps leaders get the kind of clarity about their life’s work that typically takes months and years of deep searching. In less than an hour, you can walk away with a radically personalized roadmap for your personal growth and creative contributions.

This Global Contribution Map helps people find more ease and alignment with what they’re great at, want to do, and feel they must do with their life on earth.

  • Group Gathering for a Greater World 55%
  • Leadership Coaching & Facilitation 30%
  • Speaking at Events & Retreats 88%

Facilitation & Training

How do you master the skills and mindset that allow your potential to flare forth? Alex’s creates a space of no-judgement so you can discover more of your voice, power, and freedom.

Spirit Alive: Mind & Body

What embodiment questions, skills and practices can you add to your life? Alex is a passionate explorer and guinea pig of tools and strategies, and loves to share what he’s learned with others.

Conscious Evolution

How much fun can we have with your personal development through the stages and structures of maps and models? LOTS! Even more fun you and Alex reveal your unique developmental map.

Global Contribution

The universe is billions of years old and not a molecule could have been different or we wouldn’t be here to wonder about it all. You are conscious stardust, and that’s a fact. So there!

Conscious Evolution Mind-Body Research


Read the Study


This study explores how physical work performed in conjunction with the human body was expressed in the mind, and specifically, how opening the body’s physical structures manifested in an opening of a practitioner’s values, perspectives, and beliefs with and without additional philosophical guidance. The study asked:(1) Does opening the body’s physical/energetic structures affect/go-with opening of structures of consciousness? (2) Are transformative openings the result of working with the body, with the mind, or both? (3) Does one’s belief system/worldview predict or affect the changes in consciousness realized from a body-based transformative practice?(4) Does fragmented body-based practice affect consciousness differently than whole-body body-based practice?(5) Does “what comes up” during a body-based practice mentally and/or emotionally relate with the theorized qualities (i.e., anger, love) based on body regions, according to Eastern or Western thought?

About the Study

Sixteen participants across the U.S.A. participated in a study to determine how the above questions may be answered. These sixteen participants ranged in age, gender, and life experience were split into two groups of eight. The first group was named Practice and received physical instructions only. The second group was named Study and received physical instructions as well as philosophical/awareness guidance, ideas, and instructions. This mixed-design process consisted of five parts: (1) demographics and Belief-as-Preparation for Transformative Practice, (2) pre-program survey to measure consciousness in terms of Ayurvedic, chakra/elemental view, Chinese Medicine elemental view, Jean Gebser’s five mutations of consciousness, and Spiral Dynamics’ eight levels of value-meme development and to develop three predictive scores to test against final results; (3) 12-day series of guided systematic body-openings; (4) post-body session questions to assess the physical, emotional, and mental phenomena experienced by each participant; and (5) post-program questions identical to the pre-program survey to measure possible changes in consciousness.

Findings Include:

  • Mind opening, or expansion of values, beliefs and worldviews, seems to go along with body openings as a result of body-based opening practice, independent of additional guidance. Additional guidance appears to increase the results of opening in the mind. Transformative openings seem to result from working with body alone in addition to working with mind and body together. One implication of the two points above is that physical practice alone, even without specific knowledge or guidance, has the potential to be personally meaningful and life changing in addition to being a ‘healthy thing to do.’
  • Prior beliefs and current values and worldview do not seem to predict or strongly influence results from engaging in transformative practices. Rather, in-the-moment guidance plays the critical role. One implication is that what we pay attention to during practice, or what we hear during practice, may matter most of all if the desired outcome is a fully mind-body, meaningful, or even spiritual aim.
  • Fragmented or isolated body work does not appear to result in significantly different results than working with the whole body, when it comes to examining results in the mind. Further, the abstract idea of ‘fragmentation’ when it comes to transformative practices may be an illusion or otherwise meaningless distinction.

What's Possible?

The final conclusion, relevant to teachers, movers, practitioners, healers and all body-workers is this:

If all your work is focused on the body, you will likely facilitate and support some growth in consciousness over time, i.e., you will become a better person for it. To take conscious control of your life and set yourself up for greater personal growth in the direction of your choice as well as in unexpected and unpredictable ways, this study suggests that both body and mind practices are necessary to integrate in one’s practice.

Fun Facts

I’ve held my breath underwater for 4 minutes and thirty-three seconds

I was one California’s first two Black Belt Instructors directly under Robert Bussey

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