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What Makes Your EPIC?

My name is Alex Iglecia.

My clients are movers and shakers, teachers and trainers, artists and CEO’s and authors and catalysts. Who are you? What role are you here to play? Thanks for being epic.

Everything I have overcome has been about sharing my gifts, recognizing my power, finding my way and not needing to save anyone, including myself. Imagine being unstuck when it comes to valuing your gifts, having ease with your power, and trusting yourself in your unique way of moving forward. What would be next for you if you had total clarity?

Are you looking for YOU? 

My superpower is helping you know who you are and what you really do so you can love your work, enjoy your life, and feel at home in your body and the planet.

My Story

I have had deep inspirations that led me from one thing to the next. Careers in engineering, entrepreneurship teaching personal protection, marketing and design consultation and more… but the obsession was around the body-mind connection. It was like something was deeply wrong with me, and the universe was arranging everything I needed to become an expert in something that was new…

There was something stuck about every situation I was in. There was something magical in how each next step unfolded and pulled me forward. Most of my life has been about saying YES to what’s truly happening.

After a Masters in Conscious Evolution to understand what the hell was *really* going on with our body-mind connections and the universe as a whole, I knew a lot but what bugged me was much I still didn’t know.

I struggled with my purpose and gifts and strengths even though I took every major personality and spiritual assessment I could find. Nothing quite landed and gave me the sense of me and the value I was in the world. I didn’t know who I was or how to really relate to that question. It was a rabbit hole. So I invested years and nearly 100K in transformation to move my life and marriage forward. There were many high points, low points, and I created a lot of debt.

A few years later, even though I had become a successful body-mind and ‘yoga’ teacher doing things differently, I was in deep despair when a process to map one’s purpose and bliss and contribution and joy came to me. It unstuck me and flipped my perspective rightside up. I began helping people uncover the essence of their life’s work and impact.

I spoke on stages to energize visionaries, taught at global retreats for creators and authors, partnered with pioneers and helped CEO’s trust themselves. Marriages were healed, dreams got dared, leaders owned their power and stepped into bigger visions. New aligned businesses and movements of change were born. More than that, people new who they were and got to relax while moving forward.

I got into what I’m doing by:

  1. being born as me
  2. experiencing crushed authenticity and creativity and a host of other emotional wounds
  3. becoming the man I needed every step of the way.

My clients today benefit from my long journey to make their journey to clarity very in months instead of years. Real causes of stuckness become obvious. They make big leaps to become who they always needed, stay unstuck, and contribute more of their life’s work with clarity and confidence.

Where are you stuck?
If it changed, what would be next for you?
Have you been asking for clarity on your bigger game?

If you feel stuck in a strange way and know it’s the precursor to your next bigger game, schedule a UNSTUCK YOUR MOVEMENT conversation to see if we’re aligned for what you want to create in your epic life.

Conscious Evolution Mind-Body Research


Read the Study


This study explores how physical work performed in conjunction with the human body was expressed in the mind, and specifically, how opening the body’s physical structures manifested in an opening of a practitioner’s values, perspectives, and beliefs with and without additional philosophical guidance. The study asked:(1) Does opening the body’s physical/energetic structures affect/go-with opening of structures of consciousness? (2) Are transformative openings the result of working with the body, with the mind, or both? (3) Does one’s belief system/worldview predict or affect the changes in consciousness realized from a body-based transformative practice?(4) Does fragmented body-based practice affect consciousness differently than whole-body body-based practice?(5) Does “what comes up” during a body-based practice mentally and/or emotionally relate with the theorized qualities (i.e., anger, love) based on body regions, according to Eastern or Western thought?

About the Study

Sixteen participants across the U.S.A. participated in a study to determine how the above questions may be answered. These sixteen participants ranged in age, gender, and life experience were split into two groups of eight. The first group was named Practice and received physical instructions only. The second group was named Study and received physical instructions as well as philosophical/awareness guidance, ideas, and instructions. This mixed-design process consisted of five parts: (1) demographics and Belief-as-Preparation for Transformative Practice, (2) pre-program survey to measure consciousness in terms of Ayurvedic, chakra/elemental view, Chinese Medicine elemental view, Jean Gebser’s five mutations of consciousness, and Spiral Dynamics’ eight levels of value-meme development and to develop three predictive scores to test against final results; (3) 12-day series of guided systematic body-openings; (4) post-body session questions to assess the physical, emotional, and mental phenomena experienced by each participant; and (5) post-program questions identical to the pre-program survey to measure possible changes in consciousness.

Findings Include:

  • Mind opening, or expansion of values, beliefs and worldviews, seems to go along with body openings as a result of body-based opening practice, independent of additional guidance. Additional guidance appears to increase the results of opening in the mind. Transformative openings seem to result from working with body alone in addition to working with mind and body together. One implication of the two points above is that physical practice alone, even without specific knowledge or guidance, has the potential to be personally meaningful and life changing in addition to being a ‘healthy thing to do.’
  • Prior beliefs and current values and worldview do not seem to predict or strongly influence results from engaging in transformative practices. Rather, in-the-moment guidance plays the critical role. One implication is that what we pay attention to during practice, or what we hear during practice, may matter most of all if the desired outcome is a fully mind-body, meaningful, or even spiritual aim.
  • Fragmented or isolated body work does not appear to result in significantly different results than working with the whole body, when it comes to examining results in the mind. Further, the abstract idea of ‘fragmentation’ when it comes to transformative practices may be an illusion or otherwise meaningless distinction.

What's Possible?

The final conclusion, relevant to teachers, movers, practitioners, healers and all body-workers is this:

If all your work is focused on the body, you will likely facilitate and support some growth in consciousness over time, i.e., you will become a better person for it. To take conscious control of your life and set yourself up for greater personal growth in the direction of your choice as well as in unexpected and unpredictable ways, this study suggests that both body and mind practices are necessary to integrate in one’s practice.

Two Fun Facts

I’ve held my breath underwater for 4 minutes and thirty-three seconds

I was one California’s first two Black Belt Instructors directly under Robert Bussey

OK, A Little More Fun

Thanks for Being EPIC

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