Your Global Contribution Map

What Makes You EPIC?

You're Invited:

Below is your invitation to reveal the Global Contribution you are truly here for.

I know that’s a big promise. I also know this:

Your Global Contribution Map reveals the unique hero’s and heroine’s journey of your whole life  along with the core transformation driving everything you do. And this adventure is just the beginning…

Elegantly Simple

The first level of the Global Contribution Map has proven to blow minds and make whole lives make sense. How does it reveal the bigger game you’re already playing and connect the dots of your epic life? Because…

We have refined a simple process for getting leaders extremely clear on the through-line of their life’s work. You’ll be able to connect the essential dots: Why, What, How,  Purpose,  Mission, Vision, Values, Strengths, Gifts, Greatness, Genius Zone, Core Wounds, Gremlins, Shadow, Sabotage, Healing, Money Beliefs, Hero & Heroine Journey, Stories, Attraction, Value, Offer Structures, Program Designs, Key Content, Core Message, Aligned Branding.

Your map is about the core of what you do and how life works for you. You access the the keys to the castle to transform the relationships to your body, business, money, and your sense of being at home on the planet while being 100% you.

Get Out of the Box

Externally-derived pesonality and branding systems box you in with the best intentions, creating doubt and effort. Your Global Contribution Map comes from the inside out and distills the essence of what you really do with just a few powerful questions.

Your Global Contribution is a generator, not a box. You’ll know how to move forward without ever being off track.

Go Beyond Purpose

Unlike many purpose, mission and vision statements that limit you to a single and particular vision and a rational why, your Global Contribuition Map reveals the process you already be and the dynamic alignment you are capable of.

Your Global Contribution is an ecosystem, not an answer. You’ll get to include all the clarity to have already and connect the dots epicly.

It's Your Path

Many personal development systems fit you inside a system you have to master, hoping you get the results you want. Your Global Contribution Map reverse this error and puts you and your work as the first priority.

With your Global Contribution Map, you can use your favorite healing and growth methods to move you forward as you master what is truly yours to do.

Thanks for Being EPIC

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