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What happens when leaders reveal their Global Contribution?

It (your presentation at the Wealthy Visionary Conference) was orgasmic! That's incredible. That's a gifted teacher. Marcia Weider

Creator & CEO, Wealthy Visionary Conference

Alex is a powerful, dynamic speaker who comes with a depth of knowledge and a very endearing playfulness. He totally rocks!!! Jesse Koren

Co-Founder & Speaker, Thrive Academy

Alex weaves together the scholarly, the playful, and the transcendent in every class. He is a seasoned somatic tour-guide who helps students live better in their bodies. Jill Miller

Creator, Yoga Tune Fitness (TM)

Alex is captivating, energetic and powerfully playful! He fully engages his audience and makes a lasting impression and impact. My people love Alex and I always get better results for my clients ( and more sales for me) when Alex brings his epic presence, talent and gifts to my stage.

Susan Kerby

Founder, Speak & Shine Your Light School for Luminaries

I wanted to get clear on what I truly needed to change so I could feel really excited about the next year of my life and business.

Now I’m really looking forward to a business filled with even more play and freedom. Alex’s deep understanding of the body and mind connection gives him a tremendous capacity to help you open both wide open.

Scott Mills, PhD


AWESOME! I wanted to feel more grounded and connected to my life. He promised a new way to have fun, be creative AND get back in my body – a perfect mix. What I got was even more…

I learned that I really do believe in myself and my business. Alex is insightful, caring and has creative ways of helping you notice patterns and releasing the ones that aren’t helpful. Extremely valuable!

Healther Furby

CEO & Co-Founder, Creative Age Leadership

I choose to work with Alex so I could gain and grow into a bigger vision for my business and leadership and the impact I am wanting to leave in the world.

Alex really helped me hone in on what it is that I am REALLY about in everything I do. We did this through the a tool he has developed called The Global Contribution Map. Time and time again, I lead not only myself, but others as well from a state of misery to discovering their own truths.

I can see the bigger impact I am making in the world. I can see that my leadership is necessary—and not only that, but loved by my community. I can see that my business is a multiple 7 figure brand and is birthing new parts of itself all the time.

Alex is fantastic at leading you to realize you fullest potential and aligning your values and beliefs with the goals and dreams you have for yourself and/or your organization. He asks deep, thought provoking questions that help you discover what is lying dormant within your soul.

M. Shannon Hernandez

Creator of the Content Personality™ Wheel, M. Shannon Hernandez

I've been diving deeper into my why and my inherent value in my work for several months now, so when Alex's invitation to experience his Global Contribution Map came up, I knew it was very aligned and would contribute to the work I was doing.

I was absolutely amazed at how deep we went into the value I BE and bring to the world. I like to get results fast and I'm so grateful that this process over-delivered on the promise, and it happened so quickly.

I love seeing this common thread throughout my life of the change I create in the world and now I can own that, embody it, and share it more easily.

This has deepened my confidence and presence with the work that I do, my pricing, and how I work with people. I trust the results that people get with me even more and that is a great feeling.

I also love seeing how what came out of this experience is making its way into my health and relationships. Everything is getting upgraded to this deep value. Thank you Alex!

Angella Johnson

Business Alchemist, AngellaJohnson.com

I knew he was the Being Epic guy, so we started talking about the Greater World Gatherings he facilitates. I invited some people to do this [Global Contribution Map] with me, and it was mind-blowing. He has this process of whittling down your whole freakin’ life purpose, and says it as, ‘this is a way of seeing that thing you do anyway, that you’re not really needing to TRY to do.”

So often we’re trying to be something and we don’t want to be this, and don’t want to be that. What we just got in this work together is a way of summing up the journey you are on. Now that we have this piece, it’s going to help us with what we’re going to do in our coaching and provide a framework to go back to.

I got to see my life’s journey of where I’ve been and where I’m going and the particular flavor of struggle and whatever my transformation is – personally and what I’m offering. It’s not JUST in my work. It’s wherever I go. It’s a real relief to nail it and name it. I want to let all of you know. Alex has got this amazing process, and I’m just very grateful.

If you’re walking around going “what the hell!? Who am I? What’s this shit I’m dealing with? How can I navigate this particular craziness I’m on with a little bit more grace, I’d highly recommend his Global Contribution Map process. And it works really great in a group.

Anastasia Netri

Founder & CEO, Transformational Coaching for Leaders, Visionaries and World-Changers

I just got my Global Contribution Map with Alex and I am so mind-blown right now. This was such an incredible experience. Putting it into words is almost challenging – it was such a deep process and such a deep experience of something fundamental inside of me, that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something like this before.

For me to get down to the core of what I do is so powerful because it gives me permission to accept where I’ve been in my life and what I’m doing in my life and how these things show up for me and stop judging them, to give myself permission to just be, experience my life in the positive and negative, and see my program and process of what I do and how I can help people and what that looks like.

There so much freedom in working with him one on one in this small group, and getting to understand the beauty and value in what I do and the transformation I bring. I really want you to do this process with him. It is so transformative, so mind-blowing, just…

I feel like I know myself on a different level than hours ago. I have completely opened my awareness to another side of me that I am so grateful that is so palpable, so fundamental that is literally the essence – and realize I AM EPIC because of who I am and what I’ve already been doing. I don’t have to do anything different. I don’t have to change. I don’t have to judge. I can just be me and do what I do.

Please, work with Alex. This is such an amazing feeling. I just love this process, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Open your heart, it will be so worth it.

Blake Ashley Freedom

Intuitive Healer & EFT Expert, Blake Ashley Freedom

Alex has a unique knowledge and process for causing breakthroughs in your effectiveness. He listens carefully to your particular situation and then leads you through exercises that will give you the ability to overcome.

Not only have I found the exercises effective, Alex also goes above and beyond what other coaches do to make sure you are getting the results you want. I definitely recommend his services.

Mark Meloon

Social Media Expert, Consultant

Alex Iglecia is an educator and incredible communicator and has a gift for synthesizing complex concepts so people can actually use them and impact their lives.

Lashaun Dale

Modern Fitness Expert, Equinox & Self

Alex does a remarkable job maximizing your performance with subtle ways of thinking that don’t come naturally. The result is a like a monk, or like Neo fighting Agent Smith, he gives that “enlightened performance”. It’s really remarkable and it really works

Brendon Mahoney

Entrepreneur and Owner, San Mateo Crossfit, Alpha Project

Your Global Contribution Catlyzes Change

Here are some examples of previous clients.

REDISCOVER YOUR DREAM: A father, writer, husband struggling in a challenging marriage was struggling to make money and honor his spiritual and creative callings. Now he’s become more confident, clear, powerful, has got a book publisher and continues his life with more magic and alignment.
CONSCIOUS COUPLING: A powerful pair was struggling in their partnership because of the tension between their dreams, blocked passion and love for each other.
HEAL YOUR PAIN: A corporate tech VIP came with physical challenges and pain and wanted to learn how to improve his movement and healing. Our work impacted his ability to direct the process of change and handle the emotional complexity exasperated by pain, increased resilience, confidence and happiness at work and with his family.
EMBODY YOUR MESSAGE: An innovative event leader hired Alex Iglecia to create a Signature Movement System® for his event to make sure participants learned and embodied the experience fully.
CONNECT FEARLESSLY: A group of international young entrepreneurs discovered their deepest gifts in an hour and shared them without struggle with their peers, creating authentic bonding and eliminating the unconsious comparing and competing that was holding back their collective genius.
ALIGN THE TEAM: An international non-profit hired Alex Iglecia to facilitate the alignment of roles and passions of staff, executives and board around how to solve a huge problem and fund it. We used the Map your Magic process to create trust and connection, and emergent conversations to connect the right dots for innovative solutions.
HAVE IT ALL: A creative entrepreneur hired me because he wanted to grow his business AND have his big dream AND sort out his relationship with the mother of his daughter. His business and team have grown, he is active in his big dream AND he has a new love of his life while being an epic dad.
OPEN YOUR BODY TO WEALTH: The Wealthy Visionary Conference had us create a short energizing movement break to connect nearly 400 live participants and 1000 livestream participants to their big vision and be willing to network consciously and generously.
TRUST THE LEAP: A former executive and new entrepreneur chose to work with me because she had recently said yes to the big dream of her own company, but realized that trusting herself as an entrepreneur is different than as a corporate executive. We took her confidence and vision to the next level as she increased her commitment to her business AND her life without sacrificing anything. Today she’s healthier and more vibrantly connected with her family.
AUTHENTIC POWER: A media and marketing VP hired me because he wanted to step into his new VP role with authenticity and power and not the old-paradigm command and control. He also had a marriage of 20 years that was struggling. He became more present and congruent in his life, decisions and communications, more confident at work and at home.
STRUCTURE YOUR VISION: An award-winning comedian, coach and laughter-specialist hired me to help her make sense of the huge vision and enormous amount of content, while transcending limiting beliefs. As a result, she said that single session saved her more than 2 months of struggle and self-doubt.
OWN YOUR CALLING: A nurse practitioner and doctorate-level academic teacher struggled to create a body of work for women to know their wisdom. She evolved her vision and value to be completely alive and free of limiting agendas from society, business structures and self-imposed limitations. Today she is happier, more energized, and has increased her capacity to lead and teach her wisdom in any setting.

Thanks for Being EPIC

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