Your Global Contribution Map

Everyone’s got a movement to lead. What’s yours?

What do you change?

“No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Or you don’t.”

― Stephen King, The Stand

Your Global Contribution Map reveals the change you create by simply being you. The hero’s journey of your life and life’s work, purpose, power, bliss and blessing all can be revealed with four questions. Use the blueprint to accelerate your personal growth and meaningful success in the world.

Discover your Global Contribution to expand your vision and impact.

Get out of all Boxes

Why do most personality and spiritual growth assessments keep you stuck? While every assessment gives you some clarity, most use a system that boxes and categorizes you from the outside. They use their words not yours. They treat you as a thing, when you’re actually subject, a process, and a transformation. 

A Global Contribiution Map packs huge implications in a small package. The process requires just four questions and a bit of time to distill the essence of your life in your own words. With your own words, and your own meaning, you open the door to clarity, confidence, and greater contribuition on purpose. 

What energizes you?

What gives you purpose?

What inspires you? 

Over the years and with professionals from many industries, the Global Contribution Map process continues to evolve and add more value. What would it be like to know the through-line of your life’s work?

Some of the specific results that come from having your Global Contribution Map include your: Why, What, How,  Purpose,  Mission, Vision, Values, Strengths, Gifts, Greatness, Genius Zone, Core Wounds, Gremlins, Shadow, Sabotage, Healing, Money Beliefs, Hero & Heroine Journey, Stories, Attraction, Value, Offer Structures, Program Designs, Key Content, Core Message, Aligned Branding.

What is your legacy?

What fulfills you?

Who are you, authentically, having fun in this world?

Global Contribution Maps are used by leaders along, teams to collaborate, and partners to create and innovate into the unknown. What’s possible when you trust what’s yours to do and drop all distrctions, every day, as you grow and evolve? Magic!

Get started with a consultation for yourself, your team, your marriage or your whole organization. This work is perfect for strategic planning retreats, executive roundtables, inspirational events and more.

Thanks for being epic.

Get Out of the Box

Externally-derived pesonality and branding systems box you in with the best intentions, creating doubt and effort. Your Global Contribution Map comes from the inside out and distills the essence of what you really do with just a few powerful questions.

Your Global Contribution is a generator, not a box. You’ll know how to move forward without ever being off track.

Go Beyond Purpose

Unlike many purpose, mission and vision statements that limit you to a single and particular vision and a rational why, your Global Contribuition Map reveals the process you already be and the dynamic alignment you are capable of.

Your Global Contribution is an ecosystem, not an answer. You’ll get to include all the clarity to have already and connect the dots epicly.

It's Your Path

Many personal development systems fit you inside a system you have to master, hoping you get the results you want. Your Global Contribution Map reverse this error and puts you and your work as the first priority.

With your Global Contribution Map, you can use your favorite healing and growth methods to move you forward as you master what is truly yours to do.

Thanks for Being EPIC

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