Thanks for being epic.

What does this mean?

If your mission is to serve, help, facilitate, coach, teach or lead, then you have a special invitation to trust, believe in, choose, and love yourself. The universe has taken billions of years to create you. I know you don’t want to waste your precious time. That’s why I want to invite you to choose more of you. Now.

Everything you do depends on choosing you.

I know this is true because it’s the story of my life. I know you can have it too, and that’ exactly what I want to show you how.

Alex’s Story

The truth is, being introspective, curious and in the flow has always been natural for me. I used to complain that life felt like a river, and I was just going with the flow. It didn’t occur until many years later how that was a great gift that so many leadership and spiritual teachers were pointing to. I was the kid who cut to the chase, followed my heart and wanted to experience everything so I had more to share.

But what I didn’t always know was how to steer these skills dynamically. There was a sense that life was happening to me, and not responding completely to what I wanted.

Flash back: I was a high end personal trainer at Boston’s top Sports Club and had years of experience teaching men and women personal protection and combat skills. I was teaching strength training and conditioning, corrective exercise and functional training, and was working with executives and PhD students and entrepreneurs, and even a princess.

And something was troubling me.

The changes in people I worked with were deep – lives changed in ways that were beyond the results of pure fitness.

I wondered – if there’s a body mind connection, then what exactly was I doing to my psychology and emotions and WHO I REALLY WAS when I exercised, massaged, stretched, pushed, pulled, and moved?

After a few years of research, a Masters in Conscious Evolution with my wife, and many hours of teaching and coaching, what I know is:

  1. There is a a dynamic and powerful relationship between who you are and how you move.
  2. Who you are is the real power behind what you know and how you do it.
  3. The real invitation is to recognize, develop and evolve your values and worldviews to open you, and make you a more powerful agent of change.
  4. If you’re not happy, connected, and making a difference, the skills and changes you need to make are relatively simple and highly leveraged, but you often need courage, inspiration, and a guide.

That’s when things really started taking off, and in…

I saw the whole spectrum from action in the world to awareness inside. I had skills and tools to help people, and was developing the presence I needed to help others show up fully, the authenticity to face reality with strength and go for what I want, the ability to navigate integrity and continually come into integrity again and again, and the letting go of limitations to my creativity.

And while it’s been an evolution with chapters of change and growth, here is just some of what happened over the following few years:

Coaching became more laser focused for faster results.

Group facilitation became easier as presence was more available.

Classes changed, became even more fullfilling for me and participants.

My relationship with my wife deepened and I became more skilled at communication, especially the tough conversations.

Sex got better!

I had more fun being socially connected, grateful, and appreciative.

My relationship with my parents really grew and healed.

Workouts became more meaningful, adventurous and energizing.

Of course, I’ve learned many lessons many times. There have been disappointments and challenges. And I say, life, keep bringing them. Because I have some serious skills for navigating change, and that’s one sweet spot I can help you with because I’ve been there.

Which is why I now train and coach coaches and facilitators , conscious leaders and entrepreneur and movers and shakers how to create “Energy Mastery” to evolve their presence, authenticity, integrity, creativity so your clients love you more, get deeper results, and you make a more profound and full-spectrum difference.

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