The only thing keeping you from an epic life is whatever
stops you from knowing you’re already being epic.

Thanks for Being EPIC.

People hire me to help them transform out of feeling trapped in the success they’ve created that’s not good enough, and into a new experience of trusting themselves as they remember who they are and create a life worth living and loving again.

Whatever success you’ve had before now, know there is more purpose and meaning and joy waiting for you to choose it by choosing you.

Whatever your gifts and strengths, recognize there’s more to you than meets the eye, just waiting for you to see it and acknowledge it for yourself.

Are you ready to stop waiting? You’ve been the hero and rescuer already, isn’t it time for something else? Once you know that you’re not broken and nothing’s truly wrong with you, the door is open to move forward, being epic.  

So then, what is being epic like for you? 

Where are you going?

What exactly is next for you?


Let’s get your show on the road.

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you were born to move

Your Global Contribution is the Hero’s Journey of your Whole life.

Once you have your Global Contribution Map, you have the direct path to getting unstuck, staying untrapped, evolving, and becoming more of your true self. What is fundamental value you bring to life? What is the heart of the transformation you provide by living? What is the core story your life is telling?

Get your Global Contribution Map so your coaching and development works for you.

Wake Up Epic

It’s not enough anymore to know your personality, your strengths, or even just your purpose because there’s more to you than meets the eye. Labels never do you justice. Do you want to spend you rlife mastering someone’s description of you, or would you rather let go of anything that’s not truly you, and re-arrange your lifestyle to be epic?

With my coaching, facilitation, tools and epic exercieses, you’ll be maser your unique art of how to Wake Up Epic every day.

Some results include:

  • Awareness of the personal operation system of your life
  • Power and magnetism in your message
  • Deeper connection in your tribes & teams
  • Clarity on your life’s work and body of work
  • Confidence for new levels of your evolution
  • Strong sense of your value and worth
  • Right words for marketing & branding
  • Personalized roadmap for healing & growth
  • Custom tools to access your state of flow
  • Align & enjoy more of the life you’re building for you and others

Discover What Moves You Forward

Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re leading, everything will
play out on a whole new scale when you discover your Global Contribution.


Dive Deep for Your Own Epic
You have a big calling and bigger picture you know you’re here for. What will it take for your soul and spirit to soothe that unscratchable itch?

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You Being Epic

Group Synergy

Dive Deep to Be Epic Together
Imagine getting your team or mastermind or collaborators not only on the same page, but totally aligned with holding nothing back.

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Be Epic Together

Events & Retreats

Dive Deeper for Impact
Do you have a community or audience you want to in inspire and empower? How much more change and impact are possible with speaking and events?

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Leading Epicly