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Being Epic

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Purpose Doesn't Have to Be a Problem

What are you struggling with? What’s keeping you up at night? What seems to be in the way that’s keeping you from feeling alive and satisfied more often? Is there truly something to connect the dots? 

Privately, how long have you felt like something important is missing? Like something’s wrong with the world? With you?

What if you could trust there was nothing wrong with you?
What if you already became exactly who you needed?
What if you had the solution?


You Want Clarity that Drives &
Inspires You So It’s Natural to…

Quit wasting time and resources on what doesn’t work anymore

Leave the places and spaces that don’t value your contribution

End the stories, gremlins, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits

Stop ignoring your body with excuses about exercise and wrong food for good energy

Start living what you know and trusting what’s possible for you

Transform past mistakes and failures into fresh energy for flow

Make aligned choices true to what satisfies you fully and attracts new people

Discover exciting connections between your creativity and courage and contribution


How much of this sounds like where you are and where you’re going?

Good! Know you’re not alone in this.
You’re in the right place.

Hello, Hola, Aloha!

My name is Alex. I show creative leaders, speakers, change agents and artists the throughline of their life and what’s great, valuable and powerful about them, even though they’ve been successful.

I was successful enough as an engineer on NASA Projects. It didn’t matter.

I was successful enough as a graphic designer and marketing consultant, but it didn’t matter.

My self-defense business mattered, but something was wrong that was ready to get right: I was hit hard with the realization that despite my drive and success, I WAS NOT LIVING MY OWN STORY.

Then things changed overnight.

Are you having a similar moment? It’s success like this that makes people feel empty. That’s why people choose to work with me when the calling for something original, beautiful and indestructable has taken hold of them in an undeniable way. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not. Sometimes in your body. Or work stops working. Or a relationship dies. Or you just know the old way isn’t your way forward.

What is the new way? I can tell you this. It’s exciting to your mind. It’s gorgeous to your heart. And it’s right to your soul. This is what I call Being EPIC: it’s not about playing a bigger game that burns you out and disappoints again. It’s about playing a better game.

Being Epic is about making room for the parts of you that are visionary, mystical, and soul-filled AND the parts of you that are pragmatic, grounded, and live for joy.

I want you to know three truths:

Your Message IS Medicine, but For You First.
Your Story IS Your Strength… ALL of it.
You’re ALREADY the Beautifully Bold Epic Being you’re meant to Be.

What will change as you own it?

What to Expect when Being Epic

Clarity is magical. When you see the whole of your purpose and the throughline of your entire life, your body will let you know something special has happened. First, you’ll notice the aliveness.

Tears get shed and smiles are won for seeing your struggles
and your power in such a profound and deep way.

You understand the impact you’re having in the world
and what you’re best suited for for clients and creativity.

You develop new marketing language that can move and inspire others.

You evolve new ways to speak about the work you’re doing in the world,
especially your original work that needs time to mature and become magnetic.

You feel in your body that who you’re really being in the world is good, true and beautiful,
even as you navigate the challenges of our time.

You are able to believe you you are who you’re supposed to be, that you’re not wrong or existentially broken, and that truly, you are a beautiful being with gifts to share generously

You develop trust in the what you can count on for yourself, and that is priceless.

What glorious gifts make your molecules dance?


I’ve been diving deeper into my why and my inherent value in my work for several months now, so when Alex’ invitation to experience his Global Contribution Map came up, I knew it was very aligned and would contribute to the work I was doing. 

I was absolutely amazed at how deep we went into the value I BE and bring to the world. I like to get results fast and I’m so grateful that this process over-delivered on the promise, and it happened so quickly. 

I love seeing this common thread throughout my life of the change I create in the world and now I can own that, embody it, and share it more easily. 

This has deepened my confidence and presence with the work that I do, my pricing, and how I work with people. I trust the results that people get with me even more and that is a great feeling. 

I also love seeing how what came out of this experience is making its way into my health and relationships. Everything is getting upgraded to this deep value.

Thank you Alex!

Angela Johnson

Business Alchemist,

You are THE master at extracting and then Initiating release for your clients and those you serve. Our exploration together was profound and pivotal for me. 

Last year, as many of you know, I dug DEEPLY into my own “shadows” & insecurities (we ALL have them!) that I’ve held onto for so long… it was no longer serving me to turn a blind eye, like I had done for so long.

So instead, I realized I needed to try something drastically different than I had ever done before; confronting them, head-on!

What a deeply moving, transformative and incredible time that year turned out to be!

Christopher Yoerger


About Alex Iglecia, MA

Former NASA Engineer and Ninja-Yogi turned Body-Mind Facilitator with a Masters in Conscious Evolution, Alex has two black belts and guides people to find the freedom to be their full self, to come alive and awaken with clarity. He bridges intuitive strategy with systemic embodiment to creates effective transformational experiences and tools for leaders and their teams and tribes. 

Professionally, Alex has facilitated audiences large and small, corporate groups and non-profits, spoken to inspire, motivate and teach, and has shared the stage with visionary leaders including Brendon Buchard, Marcia Wieder, Amy Ahlers, Tim Kelley and SARK. 


Personally, Alex and his wife sold nearly everything to move to Hawaii in 2015 after resisting it for nine years. Only a year later, he was asked to support the passing of his dad from dementia in Florida. 9 months later, after evacuating Florida because of Hurricane Irma, Alex and his wife wanted something different.

They found their flow with petsitting and housesitting and proceeded to be quasi-nomadic for the next three years. When COVID lockdown happened, they were in Scotland and lost all their future petsits. The future was in question, but the road was open.

If you’re looking for a deep-listening guide who can draw forth your truth and power while having no agenda about your agenda, you’ll find in Alex a trusted partner to support your change, facilitate your transformation, and help you be a better leader without being an a-hole, as one executive client put it.  


Is it time to find your Throughline?

What energizes you?

What drives your purpose?

What power can you embody?

What is your bliss?

How about your blessing?

Hear what Amy had to say about bringing Being Epic to her visionary entrepreneur clients.