What's your joy?

My mission is to help creators and leaders move forward with confidence, by embodying their global contribution and life’s work, so their gifts create the world we all want to live and thrive in.

You're Invited to Being Epic!

Being You is Being Epic!

Are you are a mover and shaker with a vision to make a unique difference? Good! What’s it like for you to be thinking so deeply, inwardly, outwardly and globally so that your life’s work will matter? Your bold vision requires your deepest gifts and we can only move forward together.


You are superman, not Clark Kent. Kent is the costume, the facade, the hiding the bigger game, the staying small.


He didn’t find himself until he went home and uncovered his true nature, where he came from, and donned his cape.


That’s when he stepped into his full authenticity. I am here to help you create and clarify your epic nature…


… and given that, help you be successful on your own terms with money, love, and making your wonderful difference.


What’s emerging for you, your leaders and partners to embrace totally? Let’s create the energy, space and consciousness for aligned action to be joyful.


Is your group trying to change the world, and does that include making themselves greater? Talks and events are highly experiential, embodied, and evolutionary.


Come explore powerful places around the world where you get to dive deep and return the you you have felt calling you forward. What’s possible for you next?


Where are you at with your personal evolution? One of the greatest results my clients get is knowing the truth that they’re not wrong, broken, or need saving.

What's Beyond Feeling Trapped?

Where do you feel buried alive even though you know you’re here to for a bigger game? Would you like to feel more engaged and valued with your strengths and talents? Do you have a relationship you know could be great but isn’t fully supporting your purpose? What is possible for you and your body with health, vitality and confidence?

Your Gifts

How many of your gifts to you get to use and enjoy? How many do you still hide, even from you? I’m here to help you trust you in the world, no matter how weird 🙂

Your Power

What if you had even more power than you’ve seen? Are you ready and willing to stop being anyone but you so you can make your world even greater?

Saving You

What if you didn’t need saving and didn’t need to save the world? What could you create next with the pressure off and your creativity and confidence on?


What is your whole life truly about, that if you trusted, would give you more energy than ever? Are you the priority in your life that will fuel your dreams?

Where can you feel stronger?

What if you could connect to the essence of your greatness?
What if you knew the hero or heroine’s journey you’ve been doing your whole life?
What if you had a uniquly YOU map for your development and contribution to the world?

It (your presentation at the Wealthy Visionary Conference) was orgasmic! That's incredible. That's a gifted teacher. Marcia Weider

Creator & CEO, Wealthy Visionary Conference

Alex is a powerful, dynamic speaker who comes with a depth of knowledge and a very endearing playfulness. He totally rocks!!! Jesse Koren

Co-Founder & Speaker, Thrive Academy

Alex weaves together the scholarly, the playful, and the transcendent in every class. He is a seasoned somatic tour-guide who helps students live better in their bodies. Jill Miller

Creator, Yoga Tune Fitness (TM)

Alex is captivating, energetic and powerfully playful! He fully engages his audience and makes a lasting impression and impact. My people love Alex and I always get better results for my clients ( and more sales for me) when Alex brings his epic presence, talent and gifts to my stage.

Susan Kerby

Founder, Speak & Shine Your Light School for Luminaries

I wanted to get clear on what I truly needed to change so I could feel really excited about the next year of my life and business.

Now I’m really looking forward to a business filled with even more play and freedom. Alex’s deep understanding of the body and mind connection gives him a tremendous capacity to help you open both wide open.

Scott Mills, PhD


AWESOME! I wanted to feel more grounded and connected to my life. He promised a new way to have fun, be creative AND get back in my body – a perfect mix. What I got was even more…

I learned that I really do believe in myself and my business. Alex is insightful, caring and has creative ways of helping you notice patterns and releasing the ones that aren’t helpful. Extremely valuable!

Healther Furby

CEO & Co-Founder, Creative Age Leadership

Create Your Joy

What glorious gifts make your molecules dance, making love with enthusiasm, across the universes?