What Do You really do?

What is the value you be in the world?
What is the common thread throughout your life that energizes your purpose, drives your message and makes your great work feel like play? Would you like to embody and align with your global contribution?

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You're already playing your bigger game

When you recognize it, you can leverage what truly works for you in your speaking, niching, coaching, leading, branding, storytelling, marketing and sales and anywhere YOU show up in business. Because if you are leading, then everything your life has ever been about is there to contribute to you. I invite you to compltely embody the difference you’re here to make because we can only move forward together.

My name is Alex Iglecia

Everything I have overcome has been about sharing my gifts, recognizing my power, finding my way and not needing to save anyone, including myself. I’m here to embody Being Epic, and invite you to embody Being You.

What are here to be and do without apologizing?

You are already the hero of your journey (and the greatest ally and the villain, too!) While you’ve been successful in many ways, are you stepping across new thresholds right now? You’re already past the point of no return, aren’t you?

Many clients tell me they had experienced a settling and compromise because they tried to create a stable business.

What were they looking for? A way out of the emptiness. A way home to what they had always known.

It’s not about the money for you, is it? It’s not even about you, is it? What it about for you? It’s about everything. You. Me. It. We. Everything.

My Contribution is Clarity

I have developed a super fun, fast, elegant and effective method for revealing and mapping your Global Contribution. Your Global Contribution is the fundamental value you bring to life, the heart of the transformation you provide, the core of every story you tell, and the world you love to embody.

This work is not for everyone, all the time. It is for leaders who:

  • made bold choices not to continue a path toward unfullfillment 
  • experience new levels of a calling that needs to be addressed
  • create more by being outside the box
  • have years of development and leadership under their belt
  • mastered a career or two or three, and it’s time for more
  • feel an urge to contribute to people to really get them
  • knows there something emerging for them globally

1) Empty

The way we get your Global Contribution Map is by starting with two elegantly non-obvious questions. You empty what you know into the process and in a very short time, WOW happens.

2) Perceive

Most people say the same thing at this point: THAT BLEW MY MIND! because it’s a peak state moment to recognize the theme and throughline of your entire life. Hearts tend to flutter.

3) Ignite

Your unique path begins again with a prodound clarity about what has always been your unique path that makes everything make sense. Doors open to what’s ready for you.

4) Combust

Once you know, more alignment and flow is possible with what and who you’re being. Your growth and development become more efficient, partnerships more creative, and you can truly play.

I’ve been diving deeper into  for several months now, so when Alex’ invitation my why and my inherent value in my work to experience his Global Contribution Map came up, I knew it was very aligned and would contribute to the work I was doing.

I was absolutely amazed at how deep we went into the value I BE and bring to the world. I like to get results fast and I’m so grateful that this process over-delivered on the promise, and it happened so quickly.

I love seeing this common thread throughout my life of the change I create in the world and now I can own that, embody it, and share it more easily.

This has deepened my confidence and presence with the work that I do, my pricing, and how I work with people. I trust the results that people get with me even more and that is a great feeling.

I also love seeing how what came out of this experience is making its way into my health and relationships. Everything is getting upgraded to this deep value. Thank you Alex!

Angella Johnson

Business Alchemist, www.AngellaJohnson.com

I knew he was the Being Epic guy, so we started talking about the Greater World Gatherings he facilitates. I invited some people to do this [Global Contribution Map] with me, and it was mind-blowing. He has this process of whittling down your whole freakin’ life purpose, and says it as, ‘this is a way of seeing that thing you do anyway, that you’re not really needing to TRY to do.”

So often we’re trying to be something and we don’t want to be this, and don’t want to be that. What we just got in this work together is a way of summing up the journey you are on. Now that we have this piece, it’s going to help us with what we’re going to do in our coaching and provide a framework to go back to.

I got to see my life’s journey of where I’ve been and where I’m going and the particular flavor of struggle and whatever my transformation is – personally and what I’m offering. It’s not JUST in my work. It’s wherever I go. It’s a real relief to nail it and name it. I want to let all of you know. Alex has got this amazing process, and I’m just very grateful.

If you’re walking around going “what the hell!? Who am I? What’s this shit I’m dealing with? How can I navigate this particular craziness I’m on with a little bit more grace, I’d highly recommend his Global Contribution Map process. And it works really great in a group.

Anastasia Netri

Founder & CEO, Transformational Coaching for Leaders, Visionaries and World-Changers

My Global Contribution

Everything I do is about a fundamental transformation that I have been doing since I was born. Yet I never thought I was one of those people who knew what they were meant to do. Instead, everything broke me. Creativity broke me. Exercise broke me. Purpose work left me disappointed and after a decade of personal work and may tens of thousands of dollars of investment and debt, I was unfixable.

Yet along the way, there were spurts of… something. I created the Epic Workout to help leaders use their exercise as leadership development. I worked within an international consulting organization that facilitated massive change across hundreds of stakeholders. I taught combat. Here’s one fun and specific example of something that I couldn’t help but bring to the world:

In 2014 I met with a group of men to talk about who we were, what inspiration is possible, and how we could contribute to each other. It was a nice day getting to know each other beneath the surface. The next day, meditating, I knew I had to put a billboard up that said “Thanks for Being Epic!” That message was already something that had been inspiring me for years, but this burst insight showed that what was mine to do next. There would be a billboard with my message on it in San Francisco! Within weeks, I held a Being Epic event, raised the money, and put this billboard up for one month with the help of the Inspiration Campaign.

Nothing ever fixed me, but something did happen.

I discovered what I really do.
I found my Global Contribution.
I recognized how my whole life made sense, and that changed everything.

Everything I do is an expression of the deeper genius, transformation, and gifts I’m capable of. You too. Even when you don’t think so.

If you have a message, a story, a unique point of view,
a bigger game or a life to live that you’re not done expressing yet,
then I am so excited for you to hear this:

Where can we go from here?

Where do you feel buried alive even though you know you’re here to for a bigger game? Would you like to feel more engaged and alive?

What Gifts?

How many of your gifts do you enjoy using? How much do you hide you or your work? I’m here to help you trust you in the world, no matter how weird 🙂

What Power?

What would you do with the power of you? Imagine if you took the next step at letting go of anything you were doing to not be you. 

Saving You?

What if you didn’t need saving? Could you let go of needing to save the world? Imagine the pressure was off and more of YOU was on?

What Happens Working with Alex Iglecia?

What if you could connect to the essence of your greatness?
What if you knew the hero or heroine’s journey you’ve been doing your whole life?
What if you had a uniquly YOU map for your development and contribution to the world?

It (your presentation at the Wealthy Visionary Conference) was orgasmic! That's incredible. That's a gifted teacher. Marcia Weider

Creator & CEO, Wealthy Visionary Conference

Alex is a powerful, dynamic speaker who comes with a depth of knowledge and a very endearing playfulness. He totally rocks!!! Jesse Koren

Co-Founder & Speaker, Thrive Academy

Alex weaves together the scholarly, the playful, and the transcendent in every class. He is a seasoned somatic tour-guide who helps students live better in their bodies. Jill Miller

Creator, Yoga Tune Fitness (TM)

Alex is captivating, energetic and powerfully playful! He fully engages his audience and makes a lasting impression and impact. My people love Alex and I always get better results for my clients ( and more sales for me) when Alex brings his epic presence, talent and gifts to my stage. Susan Kerby

Founder, Speak & Shine Your Light School for Luminaries

I wanted to get clear on what I truly needed to change so I could feel really excited about the next year of my life and business.

Now I’m really looking forward to a business filled with even more play and freedom. Alex’s deep understanding of the body and mind connection gives him a tremendous capacity to help you open both wide open.

Scott Mills, PhD


AWESOME! I wanted to feel more grounded and connected to my life. He promised a new way to have fun, be creative AND get back in my body – a perfect mix. What I got was even more…

I learned that I really do believe in myself and my business. Alex is insightful, caring and has creative ways of helping you notice patterns and releasing the ones that aren’t helpful. Extremely valuable!

Healther Furby

CEO & Co-Founder, Creative Age Leadership

Your Joy

What glorious gifts make your molecules dance, making love with enthusiasm, across the universes?